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Cully is a third generation Colorado native and painted her first oil painting at eight years old.  Cully studied in San Miguel, Mexico at Instituto Allende, as well as with Jean Perry and Albert Bancroft. Cully paints from life, and the majority of the paintings were done en plein air. To paint plein air means to paint outside versus painting in the studio. She has exhibited nationwide and works out of her home studio in Steamboat Springs, CO. Her work is frequently featured in Steamboat Magazine, Valley Voice, Steamboat Pilot and Today, Explore Magazine, At Home Magazine. Cully uses a variety of materials ranging from oil, ink, watercolor, block printing, wood carving, and sometimes, cartoons. She has also been commissioned to paint corporate parties and dinners, weddings, and pet portraits. She's been on the board of directors for Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts and Center for Visual Arts, and also mentors local High School students. Full list of exhibitions available upon request.


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